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Why Own or Buy Properties in Lagos Nigeria?

Let’s look at the real estate and housing market available in Lagos, Nigeria. In this article we’ll go over the reason why we should buy properties in Lagos or lease properties for house and land located in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Lagos is an important African financial hub and the main economic center of Lagos State as well as Nigeria as a whole. Lagos is also among the top 10 of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Lagos is the center of all things Nigeria. Every company operating in Nigeria have their headquarters as well as owning land or buy properties in Lagos.

The Importance of Why You Should Buy Properties in Lagos Nigeria

The most distinctive aspect of Lagos and the reason you should consider acquiring the house or buying land in Lagos lies in the fact that it’s the 6th-largest global city in terms of urban population and is renowned for its beaches as well as nightlife and activities. Lagos is not a place for everyone. It is a place that welcomes everyone, regardless of background, race, or white, region or religion. Lagos is a hub for business, and is the center of commerce in Nigeria. The bulk of the goods entering the country go through Lagos before being shipped to other areas in Nigeria. Finding a property for sale within Lagos, Nigeria is a decision you’ll never regret, due to the fact that whatever you wish to make use of your property, you’re sure of being successful in achieving the goal especially when you know where to buy land in Lagos from Switchlanes Investment Limited.

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Reasons Why You Should Buy Properties in Lagos, Nigeria:

The main reasons to consider when looking to buy properties in Lagos are as follows:

Housing in Lagos – Where to buy land in Lagos

In Lagos, there are no restrictions on the type of home you construct. It is possible to build and own any type of property you like and are able to afford. Lagos state has the tallest structure within West Africa, NECOM house stands at 160 meters over the town. One of the most desirable locations to own a home or a property located in Nigeria is Lagos. There is everything you need in your reach. It’s affordable, and it’s a great road. Connect with Switchlanes Investment Limited to know where to buy land in Lagos.

The connectivity among Island and Mainland

One of the primary reasons you should consider buying properties in Lagos, Nigeria is its connection to other cities. The island is completely connected to the mainland and there is no problem in meeting new people, and it is easy to meet people in person. The mainland is connected to the island through a Bridge known as the Third Mainland Bridge. It is the Third Mainland Bridge which connects Lagos Island to the mainland was the longest bridge in Africa measuring 11.8 km up until the year 1996. It was constructed in 1996 by Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, the official name for this bridge was Ibrahim Babangida Bridge. So don’t be afraid about buying land in Lagos and be a property owner in Lagos.

Economic Activity and Opportunities

The main reason to buy properties in Lagos is because of its opportunities in the economy and opportunities. Lagos is the main port of call for Nigeria’s imports. The port is situated in the Southwest beach region within Nigeria, Lagos port is responsible for processing around 80 percent of the goods that enter Nigeria. This port is also referred to as being among the top 10 ports in Africa.

With the growth of economic possibilities there are opportunities to increase the living standards through employment. There are jobs where employees earn an hourly wage and are guaranteed specific rights e.g., paid sick and holiday days as well as holidays. The tax on wages is taxed. In Lagos there is jobs that deal with those who work without the public knowledge, and consequently, not paying taxes. Lagos is an ideal location that is open to everyone who wants to conduct business. The value of your land and property will appreciate in value, and there are people who want to rent your house that you construct.

Strategic Positioning

Lagos is perfectly suited for people of all kinds regardless of background, ethnicity, and faith. This is another reason to purchase or lease the land or a house located in Lagos Nigeria. Lagos is a city that helps travelers travel to anyplace. Anyone who wants to go out from Nigeria goes to Lagos first, and then from there they go out. Lagos is the technology hub of Nigeria and is the most important ICT center in Nigeria. Lagos is home to major big and large companies in Nigeria and both small and large companies have their headquarters in Lagos. This means that Lagos is an ideal place to live in, and ideal place to own a home.

High Population

The city’s population growth is a major reason why everybody both inside and outside Nigeria should consider to buy properties in Lagos. Lagos is among the most important cities in the world and is the biggest city in Africa and is ahead of Cairo. Lagos City in Lagos State is one of Nigeria’s biggest city and the capital of its economy. According to a 2014 study of the National Population Commission of Nigeria Lagos is the seventh most rapidly growing cities in the globe with the city with a population over 21 million. Lagos is a MEGACITY with a city that has more than twice the minimum of 10 million. Due to the huge amount of population, having the land or a house located in Lagos, Nigeria is something every person should strive for. Your investment returns are assured and your investment secured.

Social Opportunities to buy properties in Lagos

Social opportunities are among the primary reasons to decide to purchase a home in Lagos. Opportunities for people to enhance their living conditions by having access to health and education

Means of Transportation

Lagos has all the resources of transportation that are available. The cost of transportation is low which makes it easy for all to get from one place to the next effortlessly. There are numerous transportation companies operating in Lagos. Due to the ease of transportation, it is a good idea to own a land or a house located in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos also has a significant airport that is linked with other Nigerian cities by roads and railways.

Availability of Industries

Lagos is home to both small and large Industries, allowing for jobs, which is why many people across Nigeria move to Lagos to live, allowing  Real Estate industries to be profitable. No matter what kind or size of the property available there’s a number of people willing to buy everything. Lagos Islands’ southwest shore is home to finance, commerce administration, education, and commerce. Industries that manufacture in Lagos include radio and automotive assembly as well as food and beverage processing metal work, as well as the production of paints as well as soap. Also, there is cosmetic, textile manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. There is also a fishing industry. There is a major port area in Apapa.

Physical Geography

Lagos has a good physical geography. Physical Geography of Lagos is dominating by its network of islands, sandbars and lagoons. The islands are linked by bridges, and the land is in a low-lying. Any type of business or venture you wish to pursue is possible with the correct geographical location for it.

Entertainment, Tourism and Leisure

Lagos is a hub for leisure, tourism, and entertainment. Lagos has the largest concentration of comedians, entertainers’ actors and actresses from Nigeria who reside in Lagos and constantly buy properties in Lagos. If there is a tourist attraction you’d like to visit, Lagos has it. Lagos is an ideal location for leisure and has all the amenities you require to enjoy your time. Lagos has gorgeous hotels, restaurants, etc. This is what makes Lagos important to buy our own land as well as house real estate in Nigeria. In contrast to other states that depend on oil revenues, the economy in Lagos City is diversifiable in the transport, manufacturing construction, wholesale, service, and retail.


Lagos is among the most significant cities in Nigeria as well as in Africa economically and culturally. The geographical location of Lagos is significant as it is located on the Atlantic coast of Nigeria providing excellent trade routes. Anyone who is abroad as well as in the country can buy cheap lands in Lagos from Switchlanes Investment Limited an indigenous property investment company in Lagos Nigeria.

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