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7 False Assumptions People Make About Real Estate Agents


Everyone knows real estate agents have one or two false assumptions people have about them. Between, friends, relatives, and real estate agents who have been falsely stereotyped in TV and pop culture, the public has really made certain assumptions about real estate brokers which are far from the truth.

Here are some views people have about real estate agents that are not true:

1. Real Estate Agents earn “easy money”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The only people who could say that being an agent is an easy way to make money are those who never have. It is sometimes very difficult and insecure work because many months can be wasted on a contract that will never yield a result.

2. Property agents promote houses they are not even authorized.

There are certainly some real estate agents out there who will show you the homes or properties they are not authorized or don’t have any consent on, but property agents from a recognized real estate company such as Switchlanes Investment Limited will never do that. Top Property agents likely won’t do that too. Eligibility determines whether or not a contract is even possible, so the agent will save you the frustration (or worse) by asking your permission in advance.

3. They extort others making high rewards

Popular real estate programs and magazines show off multi-million naira deals and have made everyone feel like real estate agents are really making it big. Most property agents want this to be true, but the reality is very different. The average sales price of properties in Nigeria was ₦ 50,000,000.00 recently. This means that after the real agent is paid his commission, the agent adds approximately makes ₦ 2,500,000.00 per year or ₦208,333.00 in monthly income. Just fair enough.

4. Real Estate Agents are an unnecessarily evil

Real Estate Brokers - Switchlanes Investment

Many people have argued that real estate brokers are unnecessary and just an obstacle to a more effective “for sale by owner” ownership model of selling properties. That the best way to resolve this misconception is to sell your home yourself.

5. They are scandalous

Unfortunately, based on some public belief about their credibility, real estate agents have joined the ranks of lawyers, politicians, and sellers. The experience of many customers with dishonest agents has intensified this perception. Fortunately, there are now laws guiding the real estate market and for a real estate company to sell conveniently; they must follow such laws. The truth is, realtors are honest, hard-working people who survive like any other profession. And as in any other profession, there are bad apples that wrongly give off a bad reputation.

6. Real Estate Agents are often part-timers or bored housewives

If you ask an ordinary person to describe the caretaker of an old church building; he can say that it is an elderly woman who is looking for something to do while on vacation. Oh. It’s the best idea and ignores hundreds of thousands of male employees, hundreds of thousands of full-time employees, and hard-working bosses. Of course, some of these fantasies about real estate agents can be true; but there is always an exception to the rule.

7. All they need from you is a contract.

Yes, real estate agents want to do business. But a good real estate agent will be your real estate advisor for life. Property Agents want you to think of them when you or your family and friends have questions about real estate. Real Estate Brokers want to see and speak to you more than once in a decade. They want to make sure you remember that your relationship with them is more important than the deal.

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