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Steps to verify land title in Lagos

7 Steps to Verify Land Title in Lagos Nigeria 

The process for conducting a search or the steps to verify land title in Lagos at the Land Registry is broken down into various stages.

The main purpose of confirming a landed property is to establish if the land has a good foundation for the title, and to find any flaws in the title of the property.

The process involves conducting due diligence research and investigation at the following places and other locations that could be relevant to the specific land deal:

1. Conducting a background search in the Lagos State Land Registry.

Confirming survey results in the office of the Surveyor General in Lagos State.
Conducting an investigation into the background of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
The methods of confirming the ownership of land within Lagos State and conducting a search through the Land Registry are discussed briefly in the following.

2. Conducting a background check in the Lagos State Land Registry.

The Lagos State Land Registration Law is the first law to establish a land registry in the state. In the context of this article it is it is the Lagos State Land Registry is located in the Secretariat Alausa, Ikeja Lagos. It is the Land Registry is in charge of keeping records of properties within its control.

Only properties that are registered with the state government can be checked at the Land Registry. A search of the Land Registry will reveal the actual owner of the land and also any encumbrances like government acquisitions, mortgages or leaseholds for the property.

3. Conducting a survey confirmation in the Office of the Surveyor-General

The process involves verifying the exact location of the property in question by using the coordinates of the plan of survey. This step is crucial in the verification process of land within Lagos State. The person who is applying for the land submits a request to the office of the Surveyor General to verify the status of registration and availability of a particular land by with the coordinates of the land and survey plan. The purpose of this process is to establish whether the land is in government acquisition , and whether or not the land’s plan is legitimate.

4. Conducting an investigation into the background of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC ).

Companies often purchase houses that are located in Lagos State and are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). When a seller of land or the previous owner is a corporation which is registered with the CAC and a check is made at the CAC to determine if it has an obligation, or charge that is registered with CAC in relation to the assets of the company. To confirm a plot of land located in Lagos it is necessary to conduct a search on the CAC is necessary.

5. Look up the Probate Registry While Taking Steps to Verify Land Title in Lagos.

To determine the authenticity of a land located in Lagos It is essential to search the probate registry in order to determine whether probate was granted to any estate, whom the administrators of an estate are and who executors for a deceased testator are for properties that belong in the will of deceased.
If there isn’t an order in probate, or letters of administrator have been issued, the sellers do not have an official authority that allows them to transfer or sell the estate of a deceased.

6. Traditional Investigation

In Lagos in the event that the property to be sold is owned by one individual, it is crucial to perform a traditional search. This is done by examining the family of the seller to determine the main family members and also the community that is located in the town where the land is situated especially if the land is under the ownership of a community or family. It is essential to verify that the approval of all family members, not just the head of the family, was gained and that the name of the family is not null or unenforceable.

7. The physical inspection of the property or land site

The process of verifying the land is done easily by visiting the property at issue. The goal of an inspection physically is to find any defects in the title to the property or land, and to verify that the property is in good physical shape property and to determine the boundaries to the area, and to verify whether it is in line to the survey or coordinate plan, and also to determine whether the land is owned by anyone, whether through leasehold, tenancy or even confiscation through any anti-corruption organization.


When buying property or land is essential to do thorough research and due diligence to clear the ambiguities, doubts or confusion. One way to be sure that the property/land to be acquired in a transaction is one with an acceptable title is to conduct a thorough research in the locations mentioned above and other locations that may relate to specific transactions.

Additionally, the hiring of a property lawyer who will guide you through the purchase process located in Lagos State and other locations in Nigeria is crucial to make sure that the buyer gets a legitimate property that has a valid title.

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